marguerite for web.jpg 

Title: Marguerite

Size: 16x20 inches acrylic on canvas



My grandma, Marguerite Eleanor (Larson) Darnell…vacationing outside of Denver, Colorado…Photo taken approximately 1957.



sherman darnell family for web.jpg

Title: The Darnell Family, 1947

Size: 22x28 inches acrylic on canvas

Price: $1,000,000.00


Merit Award winning painting from the

2008 Temple Terrace Arts Festival


Sherman (holding Bobby), Marguerite, Louise, Marilyn, Barbara, and Jimmy Darnell…standing in front of their home on Stewart St. Plano, IL.


*This painting is dedicated to my dad, James Blaine Darnell, who died in my arms on July 29, 2008…..”this is for you, daddy”

Jim Darnell (1943-2008)

beths 4th birthday for web.jpg


Title: Beth’s 4th Birthday

Size: 30x30 inches acrylic on canvas


My sister Beth Darnell sitting on the steps of grandma & grandpa’s (Marguerite & Sherman Darnell) house (103 E. Steward St. Plano, Illinois). October, 1964.



“The Family Table” is a series of portraits depicting my family “The Darnell’s” of Plano, Illinois. I referenced my paintings using black/white photos mostly from the 1950-60’s. Some of my fondest childhood memories were made sitting around my grandma “Marguerite Darnell’s” kitchen table.  Recently, my dad, Jim Darnell, has helped me sift through many old photos.  I am amazed to learn that my dad remembers every boy’s name on his little league baseball team (all 19 of them!) from 1954. Dad has remembered and told me so many stories from the past….I just love to hear them all. I think these nostalgic paintings are so bright and fun and full of optimism. Laughter was always the key ingredient to any Darnell get-together…and…it still is!


planos first little league for web.jpg


Title: Plano’s First Little League, 1954

Size: 24x36 inches acrylic on canvas


My uncle Bob Morel started and coached the first little league team in Plano, Illinois. My dad- Jimmy Darnell wasn’t able to play on Sheridan’s team anymore (uncle Bob used to drive him all the way to Sheridan to play baseball)! Plano entered the “Corn Belt Little League” in 1954 which included teams from Shabbona, Serena, Sheridan, Plano and Somonauk.

from left to right…Front Row…Bucky Nesson, Danny Littlefair, Bobby Darnell (my uncle), Billy Huddleston, David Dillon, Russell York, Jimmy Darnell (my dad @11 yrs old), and Freddie Morel.

From left to right…Back  Row…Butch Simmons, Bob Johnson, Jack Littlefair, Jimmy Green, Bobby Dobbs, Johnny Pierce, Bobby Taxis, Fritz Darnell, Sid Simmons, Joe Vangundy, and David Arterburn.

nancy in curlers for web.jpg


Title: Nancy in Curlers and Marilyn’s Dress

Size: 16x20 inches acrylic on canvas


My cousin Nancy Morel was playing dress-up in her mother’s (my aunt Marilyn’s) dress. Photo was taken around 1968.

schoolyard football for web.jpg


Title: Schoolyard Football

Size: 30x30 inches acrylic on canvas


 My dad Jimmy Darnell and his friends playing football at North Side Grade School in Plano, Illinois. 1950.

Boys left to right…Allen Vahl,  unknown, Neil Shufelt, Jimmy Darnell (dad playing quarterback), Russ York, Bobby Johnson, Wendall Domini


brothers breakfast for web.jpg

Artist Private Collection

Title: Brother’s Breakfast

Size: 16x20 inches acrylic on canvas


Bobby-age 8 and Jimmy-age12 Darnell at the breakfast table in 1955.

the bride for web.jpg

Title: The Bride

Size: 16x20 acrylic on canvas



My sister Beth Darnell dressing up as a bride in front of grandma Darnell’s house on Steward St. Plano, IL. July, 1964 







little jimmy for web.jpg

Title: Little Jimmy

Size: 16x20 inches acrylic on canvas



My dad, Jimmy Darnell, sitting in front of grandma Rose & grandpa Charlie Larson’s house…”feeding the birds” Plano, IL


bbbbbbobbyjimmydarnell for web.jpg

Title: Bobby & Jimmy Darnell…Plano, IL…

aprx. 1953

Size: 40x30 inches acrylic on canvas

Private Collection


My dad and his little brother Bobby dressed in their jackets and bowties…probably getting ready to attend one of their big sister’s weddings.