apple picking time for web


2013 paintings & wood-cuts with painted frames





concentration 7 for web

american pieces web site photo for web



quilt painting # 5 with red flowered border for web





1970's collage for web crop

My 1970ísAmerican Childhood






racoon with red roses for web





fox for web

Animas...a sries (2012)





americana quilt for web


Text Box: Quilt Paintings (2011)
This series is sold out








julia for web





heaven 4 blue for web





lobster bait sign wizard of oz baby lamb for web


Three Image Folk Paintings





me and mona haters for web





me wethee for web





st benedict the moor church st augustine for web





frida for web





Looking into Woods web





brothers breakfast for web





summer morning at ginny jane am for webi










three fisherman for web






















The Beach House I Series...sold out